We Need To Talk – The Deadliest Words In Modern Society

November 12, 2019

It’s 10am on Monday and you just finished your second cup of coffee that day, when your boss comes you over and asks: “Max can I see you in the main boardroom? We need to talk. Like in any relationship, those are the deadliest words in modern society.

You slowly make your way to the said boardroom passing by your coworkers, the notion of time suddenly slows down and the air feels heavier than usual. Some are quietly answering emails, others are pondering on ideas floating in their minds and the usual newly parents are talking about the beginning of the school year.

Looking at your peers, the words: “we need to talk” are the only sounds you can hear, not even the old printer down the hallway makes its way to your ears. You think back to that email you sent last week, the report you submitted a few days ago, the time you missed the bus and came in late soaked from the rain. 

“Did I do anything wrong?” You ask yourself. 

You make way into the empty office space where the air is cold, and the lights are dimmed. As soon as the time comes back to its natural state and you finish scanning the room, your eyes lock on the blue folder lingering on the immense glass table. You’re asked to sit on the chair next to it and your boss closes the door.

Thirty minutes go by, which felt closer to hours more than anything. The same sentence repeats itself in your head from the moment you heard it, whirling around with the sound of the wind hitting against the office windows; “Your services are no longer required.” You still don’t quite understand its meaning walking down the hallway. 

What started off as just another Monday, has you clearing your desk by 11:30 am. You shut down your computer for the last time as you stare at the dark screen for a few seconds imagining a new notification appearing. The monotonous elevator ride down seems longer than usual, and a different memory flashes before your eyes after each floor you pass.

Holding your fake plant and jacket in one arm and your box of belonging under the other, the front door slowly closes behind you. A flock of birds begins to chirp at a distance, as the buildings front gate closes for the last time, the metallic sound echo’s in your ears for a moment. 

After four years, your first office job after college where you were comfortable but not challenge, they decide to set you free by abolishing your position in the company. You’re now faced with the opportunity to move on to something bigger and greater; to answer your true calling.  

Trust me life is great, even though sometimes it may seem like a constant obstacle course, it’s the continuous uphill battles and sudden hurdles that allow us to grow and become the person we are meant to be. We all have dreams and aspirations, but often exchange them for safety and to follow the norm. Being thrown in the fire headfirst is the best and quickest way to find a way out. When you’re faced with an enormous wall blocking your path, you only have one of two options; finding a way around it or breaking the hell through it.


Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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