The Modern Tragedy Of Being Left On “Read”

September 16, 2019

You’ve been waiting for a reply ever since you hit that send button. The nerves are getting to you, to the point that you forgot the last message you sent. It’s the modern tragedy of being left on “Read”.

Your thoughts begin to scramble in your head, creating a cyclone of confusion and doubt, making the air heavier. You try to keep your cool in order not to scare the lady and her baby next to you. Constantly on the edge of pulling your phone out of your pocket, like a cowboy in a dual fearing for his life.

Will this be the demise of another love story?

Although you just met this girl about 12 hours ago, a single night surrounded by neon lights sufficed to begin a story. It was your best friend’s birthday, and being concerned about your love life since your last breakup, she invited the new girl at her job who recently moved to the city.

To your surprise, the night went extremely well. Of course, focusing on your friend’s birthday and having a few drinks made it easier to crack a few jokes and dance under the strobe lights. Both of you closer as the night progressed, and you ended up walking her home since she moved into the same neighbourhood as you.

Now, you’ve seen this scenario before in the many rom-coms you found during your endless Netflix scrolling, but never thought it would happen in real life. Those movies plus previous tips from friends shared similar guidelines, including the 3-Day Rule.

The infamous rule mandating you to wait 3 days after meeting someone before texting them. Normally you would follow such protocol, but once in while you get a certain spark that pushes you to act a little sooner. That’s exactly what happened this time.

Your bus arrives as rightfully scheduled, but you’re still debating whether it was a good idea or not o text her. You slowly make your way to the door, still breathing heavily from earlier. The temptation of looking at your phone is overwhelming, almost to the point of stopping your walking.

You make it inside the bus, take out your bus pass, which was wrap around your cellphone, so you evidently extract both from your pocket. As you stand in front of the bus driver, who impatiently waits for you to scan your pass, you smile for a second as your device shows: “New Message: Hey :)”

Trust me life is great, it will probably take you more than one text message or phone call to fall in love, like it might take you more than a single date. Sure, there are different rules in dating, and certain things you shouldn’t do. Loving is an art form, although there are guidelines to follow, everyone creates differently, and is almost a free-for-all. If you meet someone that is out of the ordinary, you shouldn’t be afraid to break certain rules.

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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