FunFest: A Celebration of Life

August 19, 2019

The sun is out, music is loud, people are all arounf, and food is being sold by the pound. Whether it is a big national festival or a more local gathering, grab your fanny pack and enter the grounds of FunFest: A Celebration of Life.

There is festival for everything and everyone, from all sorts of music to different types of food and all derive from different cultures. Since food and music are two major uniting factors, when they are put together alongside those who live in breath that culture it creates something unique, something magical. It creates freedom.

 The campground at a festival is a sacred place being the supporting landscape of the event. Pedestrians, vendors, tourists, artists all stomp the same soil for the same reason in their own ways. The floor walk on is where we all leave our footprints, most importantly our prints, prints of passion, of love, of our culture and our bond.

 The campground is a restricted place, but it is filled with freedom of speech, freedom of emotion, freedom of expression, freedom in its simplest state. It’s a place of gathering without judgement, fear or doubt where you can express yourself in your own way. What happens on the campground stays on the campground, but the memories remain in the mind of the beholder and transcend through time.

 Montreal during the summertime is the festival epicenter of Canada filled with different festival almost every week for practically 3 months. After almost 4 months of hibernation, the citizens of this multicultural city out with the urge to live and celebrate. Montreal is known for its many festivals such as, Just for Laughs, Jazz Fest, Poutine Fest, Ile Sonic, Osheaga and many more. There is no time in Montreal to get bored or be alone, this is the place and time to go out, soak up the sunrays, get a tan and meet new people.

 Hey, you may even find your special someone if you’re lucky enough!

 Now that the summer is coming to a close, we get to reminisce on those memories, flip through the thousands of pictures taken over the span of many weekends. Listen to those artists you discovered at the different festival, and most importantly prepare to hibernate once again for long winter that awaits us. Good thing is, you always have next summer to look for, and create new memories.

 Trust me life is great, enjoy the music you listen to, enjoy the food you eat, but most importantly share those things with those you love. Walk and dance until your feet hurt so you can then lay down under a tree as the sun sets. Eat the food you love share a spoonful with your friends, especially if it’s something you don’t eat often. Go out there, explore the different festivals, they are there for your enjoyment, for your entertainment and for you to escape for short period of time. It’s a celebration of life after all, why not enjoy the FunFest.

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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