A New Class Is In Session

September 2, 2019

The voices from your television slowly fade away, as you crawl under your bed to grasp your textbooks. You notice that they have accumulated a dark grey layer of dust. You sigh: “Uugh here we go again”. It’s that time of the year; a new class is in session.

With each and every swipe of dust, a different memory from this summer flashes before your eyes. Dusting your Biology textbook, you remember the time you got lost in the forest while camping with your friends, and almost got bit by a snake. Cleaning your English Lit. book, you remember the time you went to London for a week and tasted some of finest tea you’ve ever had. Wiping your Physics book brings you back to the time you accidently entered a 5km obstacle race during the Summer Circus Festival, and obviously, you injured your ankle when trying to perform a combat roll. Big mistake. 

These past few months have been great, amazing even. You had the opportunity to roam outside of your small hometown, meet new people practically every week and try things you never would have imagined. Who would’ve known that squid didn’t taste that bad, it just feels weird. Of course, getting your heart broken mid-summer was a drag, and led you to lock yourself in the house for a couple of days. Ultimately, that was your motivation to travel abroad for a breath of fresh air. 

Luckily, your uncle gave you his old camcorder when he moved to California last May. That’s right, a camcorder. At first, you just stood there, bewildered as he handed you the artefact, and before you could get a hold of the device he added; 

“I know it’s weird huh, a camcorder..? I know you have your phone and all, but there’s just something special about capturing moments with this. Just trust me on this one, use it this summer and right before school starts plug it to your TV and you’ll see what I mean. Works all the time.”

Stacking your books in the living room table, as your summer recordings play on the television, not only brings you nostalgia, but also gets you excited for the future. It’s your last semester of college, the final quarter mile. Sure, these past 4 years have felt endless at some point in time, but you’ve learned so much and grown as person. Not to forget about next summer, when you really begin a new chapter: The Career Life. 

Trust me life is great, although a new semester often comes with a little chaos and anxiety, especially after an unforgettable summer, it’s another step closer to your dream. You might not see your friends as much once the summer ends, but they’ll still be there in between coffee runs and canceled classes. You can always build something together based on your interests and that’ll bring you even closer. Being surrounded by the right group of people who inspire and motivate you is essential when embarking a new journey; which includes the time of year that a new class is in session. 

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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