The Wakeup Call

August 5, 2019

Your watch marks “6:25am” as you stand next to a miniature cabin on top of a mountain. From your perspective, you stand tall on top of the world far from any worries you had last night. Let this moment soak in, this is your wakeup call.

Still tired from the exhausting climb and lake of sleep, you take a moment to admire the view and your morning accomplishment. The empty sky opens the gate for the sun to start shining on the word, as it rises up from the deepest parts of the sea and the largest craters of the earth. Allowing for a new life to begin, forgetting the one from yesterday’s past. This moment is not only your wakeup call, but natures with the first group of birds flying over their morning route chasing breakfast.

With your feet grounded on the biggest rock of the mountain, all alone with nobody but those hungry birds chirping by your side, the peacefulness is merely overwhelming. You get slight chills as the wind brushes you at every breath you take, goosebumps takeover your body not from the cold breeze, but because of the anticipation. How different will today be, compared to yesterday? The sun snoozes for a little while behind the plains but makes its presence noticeable with its rays coloring the sky with a bright mixture of orange and red.

At this very moment it seems as the sky is lighting on fire, burning everything from last night, leaving an empty canvas for a new day to paint on it. As the orange tint in the sky intensifies, the goosebumps that were once running over your body are now buried under what seems to be a warm blanket. Not many people get to experience this wonder of nature that repeats itself every single day.

they don’t take the time to open up their schedules to wake up with nature instead of a man-made alarm. Nor do they decide to walk a little more than their normal route to have a different and enriching morning. A warm cup of coffee is good as you read the newspaper to learn about world is “nice”, but nothing compares to nature’s warm cup of sunlight first thing in the morning.

 Standing in front of nature unfolding before your eyes gives you the time you need to stop and reflect on yourself and your ideas and ambitions. Sometimes we need that break from stress, traffic and people to get grounded once again before moving forward. Being stuck in the city surrounded by skyscrapers could make us feel small, powerless and overwhelmed, which is why we sometimes need to break out of that concrete cage.

Just you, colorful birds, immense trees and a clear mindset, could very well be of help to have that creative juices flow more fluidly. That moment of peace and serenity could also help re-evaluate what you have in that specific moment to make sure not take anything for granted.

Trust me life is great, I know sleeping in until your body is numb feels good once in a while, but in the same matter walking up a hill until your feet hurt to catch the sunrise may just feel as good. Grab a friend, grab a camera and some comfortable shoes and head out for an adventure, because in nature you never know who or what you will find. Just make sure to not miss your wakeup call.

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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