No Limit Highway & Fast Lanes

July 29, 2019

Lying on your bed staring into the emptiness of your ceiling, thoughts, dreams and emotions run through your mind. Memory flashes of your highest moments clash with those of despair in a hasty life montage.

All of a sudden, you’re faced with a black screen in your mind. You feel a cold breeze run through your hair and goosebumps slowly invade the surface of your skin. You can hear the sound of a roaring engines rushing by your side, leaving the scent of burning rubber linger under your nose. For car enthusiasts or convertible highway cruising connoisseurs, cars are around us day and night. We ride them, admire them, destroy them and even keep them stored away as prized possessions.

For some, cars much like coffee, are an addiction. Some of us like them darker rather than creamier, harder on the inside with lots of horsepower as compared to lighter and quitter on its feet. For some people, a car is a necessity and others have them as a complementary toy on the weekend or during the summer. Our lives are also similar to a highway, filled with many different cars flowing at different speeds and directions. There are those of who enjoy the fast lanes and tunnels, focused on getting to their destination quicker. In the meantime, there are others who prefer the scenic drives alongside valleys and waterfront taking their time to appreciate the scenery around them.

Much like driving, you should adjust the speed in which you travel through your journey of life. Going too fast could result in missing out on what really matters, while going too slow could prevent you from accomplishing what you really desire. The mysterious roads of life will have twists and turns, abrupt hills, paved and unpaved roads, exits and on-ramps to highways and shortcuts. It is up to you to decide what is the right path to follow. No matter what direction you choose, you should be ready for the challenges ahead and slow down when needed. You wouldn’t want to fall off a hill by taking the curve too fast and wouldn’t want to miss any important exits by blindly driving past them.

Avoid getting tunnel vision and broaden your spectrum instead, the highway of life is filled with other drivers and various obstacles. You wouldn’t want to miss out on meeting a certain someone by not paying attention to the road ahead because people might just be the best addition to this road trip. While they can at times break our heart and make you wish to have never met them, more importantly, they might make you notice some qualities and abilities that you’ve never realized you had before. That’s what makes being genuine so important, even if it’s just for a day.

Cars will come in and out of the freeway because we all need a little break sometimes. Don’t fear the pitstops, the rest areas and roadside attractions, refueling and recharging your batteries is almost as important as making progress on the road. You might meet someone with similar interests or heading in the same directions as you during those stops. That’s how you find you’re journey partner, by going out there and exploring.  

Trust me life is great, get on the highway of life with no limits and go for a road trip exploring the fast lanes. Not knowing where your route might lead you may just be the greatest adventure you can have. Don’t be afraid to try different cars and drive with different people because you don’t know who you might cross paths with or where you might end up. Most impotently keep your hands on the steering wheel, your foot on the gas and your eyes on the road, because life is one hell of a ride!

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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