Morning Drug

July 15, 2019

It’s 7:30 am, and as every other morning, you stand in line as part of your morning ritual. Everybody sharing your demise has the same zombie-esque look on their faces.

MSlowly but surely, you walk toward your morning fuel. The closer you get, the more the arabica aroma intensifies and your hands get warmer by the second. Your senses start coming back to life, one by one. You then start to dig into your pockets for the crucial set of quarters and nickels required. Your eyes get bigger as you are awakening from the sleep that enslaved your body to your tempurpedic mattress for the past 8 hours.

You begin to hear sounds that were non-existent earlier this morning; cellphones riging, keybarods clikinng, milk forthing and the traffic jam intensifying outside. When all of a sudden, you notice a young lady wearing a green apron and a black cap on the other side of the counter, who casually yells out loud: “Next please!” 

Your time has come, you’ve been waiting for this opportunity to speak your mind and your entire day depends on this moment, your first human interaction today. You slowly pace yourself toward the counter, rehersing your lines in your head. Following the cutomary greetings, you compliment her on her new glasses, which adds a little je ne sais quoi. She blushes. After a short second of giggling, she gets down to business asking you if you will be having the usual. You confirm the order and hand over the change you’ve been holding for dear life in your pocket.

Moments later, you walk out of the coffee shop with a warm cup of dark roast coffee in your hands. finally the day has officially begun. After taking that first sip, and slightly burning the tip of your tongue, the caffeine quickly rushes through your body alerting every senses from head to toe. You feel as if someone lit up a miniature flame with a splash of gasoline. The intense moment of euphoria is cut short by the vibration of your cellphone hidden in your back pocket. You quickly pull it out, whilst being extremely cautious to not drop your freshly brewed elixir. The screen reads; “REMINDER: Product Development Meeting – 8:00 AM – Charlie’s Office”

Trust me life is great, although mornings can be difficult to start at times, they are the most important part of your day. Having a morning routine to help you clear your head and kickstart your body is essential to a healthy and productive day. Don’t let your worries from yesterday hunt you today, you have an entire day to make progress, a clean canvas to create something new. Take a sip of that warm cup of caramel macchiato, dark roast coffee or even green tea and enjoy the little things in life, you’ll see that the road ahead ism’t as bad as it seems.

Written by Max,

Founder, StationNinety

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